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Surfing in Yellowstone?

When it gets really windy, like it was yesterday, certain areas on Yellowstone Lake get waves big enough to surf, in a sea kayak. Kayaking across any of the lakes in Yellowstone National Park, going downwind, you can catch the waves and use them to your advantage as they surf you along faster than you can go on your own. We usually try to avoid paddling when the waves are really big, but sometimes surfing even the small waves can be a lot of fun.


Yellowstone Lake Kayak Trips

We still have space available on our day paddle and sunset kayak trips on Yellowstone Lake everyday this 4th of July weekend. With the beautiful summer weather finally here, our guided sea kayaking tours are an excellent way for the entire family to experience some of Yellowstone’s backcountry while kayaking over underwater geysers, in the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake.


Kayaking next to Geysers

Day paddle on Yellowstone Lake

Kayaking by Geysers on Yellowstone Lake


Camping in Yellowstone

The winter snowpack that delayed openings for much of Yellowstone National Park is also affecting  campgrounds in the northeast corner of the Park, as Pebble Creek and Slough Creek are opening today under limited circumstances.

NPS officials are concerned about  flood potential, and current conditions will delay the opening of Lewis Lake Campground in the southern section of the park until July 1. All other campgrounds are currently open with no restrictions, though wet, muddy conditions may exist due to the heavy late spring runoff.

Kayaking in Yellowstone on Lewis and Shone Lakes is possible, however the campground and backcountry campsites are not all open.


Overnight Kayak Trip on Yellowstone Lake

Our 3-day kayak trip to Lewis and Shoshone lakes scheduled for this week is taking place on Yellowstone Lake instead. Since it has been a much colder spring this year than normal, Lewis and Shoshone Lakes are still frozen over and the campsites there are snowed in. Yellowstone Lake thawed over a week ago, and the campsites there are all open and free of snow. Instead of kayaking and camping on Shoshone Lake, we  are on Yellowstone Lake.

Lewis lake is starting to thaw now and Im sure we will be kayaking up the Lewis River Channel to Shoshone lake by this weekend.


Eagles on Yellowstone Lake

Its no secret that fishing on the lakes in Yellowstone is best immediately after the ice comes off. While this is often talked about among local fisherman, the wildlife also take advantage of the trout feeding on the surface. Yesterday, on our day paddle kayak trip, we saw a bald eagle swoop down and catch a fish right next to us.

There are many eagles along the lakes and rivers throughout Yellowstone as well as along the Snake River through Jackson Hole. Kayaking is one of the best ways to get close to them.


Sunset Kayak Trip

We had another beautiful evening for our sunset kayak trip on Yellowstone Lake yesterday. Even though it was a bit rainy in the morning and early afternoon, late in the day the skies cleared, the wind died, and the sun came on our paddle to the West Thumb Geyser Basin and back to Grant Village. Here in Jackson Hole and throughout the entire Yellowstone region we are expecting more sunshine and warmer temperatures throughout the week.


Kayak Yellowstone Lake to see wildlife

Sea Kayaking on Yellowstone Lake in the heart of Yellowstone National Park, is a great way to experience the centerpiece of the 20 million-acre Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, a region that also includes Grand Teton National Park and acreage from several other national forests, creating the world’s largest intact ecosystem in the northern temperate zone. The result is a virtual boreal Serengeti and an amazing concentration of wildlife that includes moose, elk, bison, wolves, and, of course bear.


Snake River Flows

The Bureau of Reclamation has started decreasing the releases from Jackson Lake Dam. Yellowstone still holds a lot of snow which will eventually fill up the lake, however most of the lower elevation snow has melted so the risk of flooding is not as great as it could have been.

Kayaking in Yellowstone, and on the Snake River and its tributaries is superb!


Yellowstone Lake Kayak Trips

Yellowstone Lake Kayak Trips are the best way to see the geysers and geothermal features in the National Park. Kayaking gets you quickly and quietly away from the crowds and in to the solitude of the Yellowstone wilderness. A day trip from Grant Village to the West Thumb Geyser Basin can be enjoyed by people of every level of expertise, from novice to experienced.

The absolute best way to experience Yellowstone’s amazing wilderness is on one of our 4 or 6 day trips in the southeast arm of Yellowstone Lake. The Southeast Arm, the largest of the lake’s branches, is seven miles long and one to four miles across. This secluded sound is by far the best place to view the snow-topped peaks of the Absaroka Range while kayaking into the Yellowstone River’s wide delta looking into the broad Thoroughfare Valley.


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